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Higher Education – The Continual Building of Yourself

Higher EducationMany new bloggers come to the internet with that gleam in their eyes and excitement in their hearts thinking that they’ll strike the mother lode of internet riches in a matter of months. This naiveté is heavily fueled by the oversaturation of programs and pitches that mislead them, making it seem so easy to accomplish.

You’ve seen the numerous squeeze pages with the images of the big money checks (and not a one with my name on it – yet).  :-)

The reality is far from what it seems for them.

Listen, if you are one of those unseasoned bloggers with a new site up and running, this article is for you. Before investing in your business you must invest in YOU, through higher education.

Be advised that you’ll have to work long and hard to succeed online, and while it is without a doubt a doable thing, you’ll be many many months, if not years trying to figure out your path to success.

Like any new field or profession, you’ll require training and a continuing education to break through all of the clutter and online noise. Without this, many hours, days and dollars will be wasted and you’ll be no further along the path than when you started.

Oh yeah, that blog looks great and those 3 articles every 2 weeks are doing… nada. You’re going nowhere fast and other than those 6 family members that come to read your work, no one knows you exist.

I’m not writing this to pitch any particular product or training course, but my message is clear and simple. Determine what you want to accomplish and seek out the proper training that will get you there. It is only through your continued education that you’ll progress toward your goals.

You’ve got your site up and running and that’s a great accomplishment for sure. But seek out a mentor, an instructor or someone who has already traveled the trail that you have embarked upon. Take your efforts to the next level and know that as long as you’re online, you’ll need to learn something everyday.

I’ve been using computers since around 1980 (damn, did I just admit that?) and there is not a single day that I don’t seek out some additional knowledge of some sort. You simply will never know it all, and who likes a know-it-all anyway? But seriously, develop a business plan, develop a strong focus and some super positive work habits and have at it. Don’t lose sight of your goals by getting caught up in information overload.

Those “must buy now” offers are just like subway cars, if you miss one, another will be coming along shortly. Move at your own pace, but do prepare to continue your business education for many years to come.

So there you have it, an unfiltered, no pitch, no BS approach to continuing your internet journey toward the success you seek.

Wishing you all the best.

Keep Blogging!

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Want to Become a Problogger? Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

parachuteThere are tons of articles and how-to books on becoming a problogger, and most are full of very useful information. I’ve not read them all of course, but of those I have read, they all have one missing element.

Not one has addressed the subject of you getting out of your comfort zone.

You see, many people are working full-time or part-time jobs, doing what they need to do to make it. This is completely understandable. The economy sucks right now and there are bills to be paid and families to support. Unless there is some serious money socked away somewhere, you know that the timing is not right for you to make that transition.

But have you really considered when the timing will be right?

Now I’m not advocating that anyone take a foolish leap-of-faith in hopes that things will work out in your blogging career, that would be just plain crazy. But at some point, you’ll have to begin the process of evaluating your position and determining where you need to be in order to become a full-time blogger.

Admittedly, this is a tough decision but there is one thing I feel certain about. If you wait until the time is perfect, you may never make the move. As long as you are comfortable with the way things are, you’ll likely not get out of that comfort zone.

But consider this, being a bit uncomfortable serves as extra motivation to take action and do what needs to be done to capture the success you so badly want. It forces you to do things that you know you need to do, but may otherwise not get around to doing as quickly, because of your current level of comfort.

Being comfortable can have a bit of a de-motivating factor because you just don’t have that high sense of urgency associated with what you want to do professionally. We have all been there at some point, those procrastinating moments where you feel that it’s okay to put something off until tomorrow. The problem is, tomorrow never arrives.

Get uncomfortable today by doing a little extra work on your blog, write 2 articles instead of one, somehow step up the level of commitment.

To make a serious change in your life, professionally or academically you will have to get out of that comfort zone. This may be as simple as staying up working toward your goal through the night and operating on less sleep, skipping your favorite tv show (for months) or even secluding yourself from your friends.

Building any business from the ground up and expecting that business to bring you a serious salary in the 6-figure range will require a lifestyle change; it’s as simple as that. Lifestyle changes can be uncomfortable, but it is whats required to gain that necessary dedication and commitment toward your goal. The longer it takes to commit, the greater the opportunity for self-doubt to creep in, wrecking your focus.

Want to become a problogger?

Do what you know you have to do – starting today.

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