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Using NetworkedBlogs With Facebook

NetworkedBlogs is an application available for use on Facebook that allows you to pull in your blog posts so that you can share with your FB friends and fans. It is also a nice way to promote your blog and discover other blogs that are a part of the network. I have discovered many great blogs and bloggers using this app.

I’ve been using this for most of the year now and find it a really handy tool for promoting. You must have a Facebook account to use this and here is what you do.

For the sake of this post, I’ve set up a secondary account to illustrate how this works. FB can be a little fickle at times, so I did not want to disturb my settings. :-)

Go to and add your blog to the application. You will sign-in using your FB credentials and this will in turn add the application to your FB account.

Once inside you will be asked to select a few blogs to follow. After the selection process (optional) you will find a link to the NetworkedBlogs home page. You can add or delete blogs at any time, so do not worry over selections too much at this point.

Click the “Register a new blog” button near the top right of the page. Answer a few questions, follow the instructions and find yourself on the verification of ownership page, where there are two options.

  1. Ask friends to verify you (which takes time)
  2. Use the Facebook widget (enter some code into your blog site)

Here you can choose to install a widget in the right sidebar or a name badge is available for users. This can be removed immediately after verification if you desire.

Installing the widget is a simple cut and paste operation. Within your WordPress Dashboard, you will drag a text widget to your right sidebar and paste in the code provided by NetworkedBlogs. Code shy? Have someone do this for you or go with option 1 above.

Once installed, you will return to the NetworkedBlogs page and click the “verify widget” button.

If done properly you will see the image below.

Click  “Next” and you are all set. Go back to your blog and remove the widget if you choose, it is no longer a requirement. Or you can leave it in place so that your readers may follow your blog from the site widget itself. This is a nice way to build a community, as each new follower’s image will appear in the widget, giving each of them a little play as well.

Inside of your FB application, click on the “Applications” tab at the lower left of the page, then click on “NetworkedBlogs”. The application tab will open, showing a long list of apps. I’ve cropped the image below to only show what matters here.

This will land you on the NetworkedBlogs home page within Facebook. Click on the “Profile” link.

Once on your profile page look down the page a bit and find “Blogs I Author” and click on the title of your blog, which takes you to a page similar to this.

Now click on the “Pull Now” link and you can import your latest post or series of posts. Once they are imported, you will have the option to publish them and share them with your friends or the world, depending on how you have your privacy settings configured.

This process can be automated but I prefer this manual method because I do not want every single post entered into the news stream of FB. Doing it this way keeps me in control of what gets posted and when that post occurs.

Using NetworkedBlogs opens another wide avenue of networking opportunities for you. The blogs and bloggers discovered will broaden your knowledge base and expose your blog to more eyes, which translates into more traffic.

Keep Blogging!

If you would like to follow this blog on NetworkedBlogs simply click here. I thank you in advance. :-)

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Beyond Blogging – Your Future Starts Now!

Beyond Blogging banner2As this year winds down many bloggers are looking forward to greater things during the coming months. I can think of no better way to find the success you seek than to follow what the successful A-list bloggers have done.

Why reinvent the wheel or pay for lessons that have already been paid for by the pros?

I’ve had the privilege of reading a report “2010 and Beyond – The Truth About Blogging In The Next Decade” and can tell you that you really need to get your hands on a copy if you plan to find your success sooner rather than later.

This report provides insight into what has worked in the past and why these same techniques may not work as well in the future. The blogging landscape is changing and if you fail to change with it, you may be just another also-ran. No need stumbling around in hopes of finding the right pathway to success.

Begin the process of planning for the future now, by reading this report and understanding where blogging has been, where it is today and where this will go in the future.

You can grab your free copy at Beyond Blogging.

Now ask yourself this question, are you building a business or just a blog?

Pick up your free copy of this report and get into the proper mindset for developing your future.

This report sets the tone, go grab your copy now at Beyond blogging.

As I travel around the internet I see so many talented up and coming bloggers out there. But talent alone is not enough, you’ll need a plan, unless you’re just building a blog.

Your future starts now, step into it on the right foot and find the success you seek.

Keep Blogging!