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Is It a Good Time to be an Online Entrepreneur?

This post is for my friends and readers who are wondering if now is the time to come online and start a business blog. I was asked this question several times during the Holidays as people contemplated their 2010 plans.

To get right to the point – YES! I actually believe that there is no bad time to start a business if that is what you desire, just get started and build it over time to what you want it to be.

Some general thoughts

It’s been a bumpy two years (2008 – 2009) for the global economy, as you no doubt have heard from the constant parade of talking heads on the daily blues news.

History has once again repeated itself and the cycle will be complete when the economy stabilizes and moves more consistently toward the positive.

This of course will not happen until the entrepreneurs of the world join forces and lead the way back, as has happened so many times before.

You see, economic prosperity never started with Dow Jones on Wall Street, but with Sam Jones on Main Street. Long before there were large corporations there were small businesses, started and operated by entrepreneurs who saw a need and decided to fill it.

History has shown us that whenever times got tough and there was economic uncertainty, people began to look within, grabbing hold of that creative spirit and finding a way to make ends meet. Simply put, when jobs dried up they made their own.

We are witnessing that very same thing today, as difficult times once again provide a necessity to create opportunities.

Today’s internet is loaded with opportunities as witnessed by the thousands of blog launches that occur daily. For the first time in history the average business person can compete with large multinational corporations since the startup fee for an online business is well within the reach of most.

As a business owner, you can reach as many people online as the large corporations through the smart use of social media. This leveling of the playing field positions you to carve out a niche.

The internet has exploded

In the year 2000, there were 360 million people on the internet, according to Today there are 1.7 billion global users and growing. The sheer numbers tell you that opportunities are everywhere.

The importance of working together

Back in the day shopkeepers all worked together and looked out for one another for the betterment of the entire community. Today’s business climate is no different, with the exception of those who only care about themselves and are missing the larger picture.

This approach increases the chances for additional opportunities like joint ventures and project collaborations that otherwise may be more difficult to find individually. Working together within a community of bloggers brings about a collective knowledge that benefits everyone involved.


There has never been a better time to launch an online business. With a blogging education, a business plan and a strong desire to reach your goals the end result is totally in your control.

I would remove the curiosity of what might or could be and begin the journey of building your online enterprise.

Create The Lifestyle You Desire in 2010

Now that the Holiday Season is behind us, many have now turned their focus to the many resolutions made for this year. Resolutions that will bring to each of us the lifestyle we desire, which is what lifestyle design is all about.

This is what I find so attractive about being an internet entrepreneur and operating an online business. With the internet, you have the power to create that dream lifestyle; it is only a matter of taking action and working hard to reach your goals.

I do not mean to oversimplify this because it is not easy to accomplish, but it is without a doubt, a strong possibility for anyone who applies themselves and follows a proven business model like the many used by other successful entrepreneurs.

For me, I made but one resolution this year, and that was to continue to work hard, following the 2-year plan I laid out last year. This plan is allowing me to create the lifestyle I want and I am quite excited about what lies ahead in this year of 2010.

Most of us live and work the well worn corporate lifestyle where we graduate from college, get a job and trade time for money for the next 4 or 5 decades until we retire, all the while hoping that some semblance of a decent pension will await us when it is all said and done.

That particular lifestyle model leaves too much of your future in the hands of corporations who have their best interest in heart, not necessarily yours. Sure a good corporate job can provide you with all of the financial security you want, but the continuance of this income is out of your control and you are not free to do as you wish.

The times have changed and businesses have changed as well, trimming retirement and compensation packages with slim-fast approaches, leaving the dedicated worker to wonder what became of their dreams.

This is why taking charge of your own future is so important and this is where the internet provides huge opportunities for you to do so.

I made a conscious decision to design my own lifestyle and work a plan that will allow me to accomplish my goals. As an internet entrepreneur I can build and operate my business from anyplace that has internet access.

Some find this type of decision bold while others find it to be fool hearty, but one thing is for certain. Designing your own lifestyle means that you have chosen to buck the old system and become a non-conformist. It is a choice to get out of the box of what is viewed as “normal work behavior” in society.

I have had some great jobs over the years and was always fairly well paid, but when you begin to see the unraveling of the corporate structure as we have known it, you wonder what the future really holds for you.

Watching your 401Ks and real estate holdings decline in value, while corporate executives escape with huge bonuses for running companies into the ground should give you reason to pause and evaluate your long-term well being.

If my future was going to be that uncertain I was not going to just sit around and hope for the best, I was going to do something about it.

The allure of the comfort zone

It is human nature to want to stay in a place of perceived safety and comfort. Often times we find comfort in doing exactly what everyone else is doing. It is the safety in numbers mentality. You know, it must be the thing to do because everyone else is doing it, right?

We are naturally attracted to these behavior patterns.

Somewhere along life’s highway I came to realize that this can sometimes work against you in the long-term.

Consider this; the most successful among society did not reach that level of success by staying in their comfort zones. They were people who took some risk and worked hard to design the lifestyle they truly wanted.

Reaching your dreams

While watching others and studying how they have reached success, it became quite apparent that it is a matter of laying out your dream, developing a plan and taking actions that will lead you toward that dream.

Your plan must include the steps required to reach the goal, and then break each of those steps down into smaller tasks. In the end, you will likely have a very long and detailed plan, but taking action on each item listed, checking it off and moving on to the next will eventually get you to your destination.


If you have determined to blog your way to your dreams you must consider your blog to be a business and operate it as such. Just like any offline business, it will take time to build and grow into what you have envisioned it to be. Continue to work hard, avoid distractions that do not fit into your plan and make 2010 the year that you find the freedom to design the lifestyle that you have dreamed about.

Throughout this year, I will be blogging about this very process and the progressions of my overall plan as I move forward.

I hope you join me as the journey unfolds, sharing the experience and moving toward your own desires.

What have you envisioned as your future lifestyle?

Have you dared to dream?

Here is to a highly productive 2010.

Keep Blogging!