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The Week In Review

On this last day of 2009, we close out the year with this final edition of the Week In Review. But first things first; I hope and trust that each of you has had a wonderful Holiday Season and that you were able to make some great memories with your families and friends.

Wishing you all the best in 2010 and beyond.

The big news this week was the launching of the book “Beyond Blogging – The Secrets To Blogging Success!” by my friends Nathan Hangen and Mike Cliffe-Jones. There was much buzz surrounding this launch and by all accounts it was a success. You can read my book review below.

Great job guys!

The week ending January 3rd 2010

Wow can you believe we have closed out another decade?

Time flies when you’re having fun, is what they say. :-)

As usual, I like to list a few of my stops that I enjoyed during the week. They are always randomly listed and I could never list them all, but here are a few.

The Blog Master David Risley has made not only this week, but the entire year a fantastic blogging experience for me. I’ve learned a ton from this guy and could not close out the year without mentioning that. Thanks for all you do man.

Brian over at the fast growing BE posted the winners of the Year End Contest

My 100th Post was put up by Hulbert Lee. A nice look back, this blogger is here to stay.

I came across Don doing a guest post video at Ben Lang’s blog. I was impressed with his style in the video, he’s a natural. You can check it out here at How to Tell what Theme your Favorite Blog is using.

On the OBB

9 Tips for Building your Personal Brand

How to Pause TwitterFeed

Book Review: An Inside Look at Beyond Blogging

Special note of thanks: May each of you find the best of luck and success in 2010 and the many years beyond. I want to thank you personally for making this, my first year of blogging, a truly wonderful experience. It is because of the many friends and associates I have met online this year, that I so look forward to 2010.

Happy New Year and as always…Keep Blogging!

9 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

As an online entrepreneur your personal brand is critically important to your success. It is the process of building a relationship between what you represent and your readers.

Whether you set out to build a brand or not, you are building one by simply being online. People will form perceptions of you regardless, so why not have an influence on what those perceptions will be?
Below I have listed 9 tips to help you in 2010 and beyond. Why 9 and not 10? I like odd numbers, they draw more attention.  :-)

  1. Establish your identity from day one. Select a nice passport style photo of yourself and use it continuously. This will become your brand and bring instant recognition of you as people become accustomed to this image.
  2. Select a niche and become an authority on your chosen topic. You want to become the go-to source for answers on the topic you cover. Niche selection can sometimes require more time than you would like, but it is important to fully research your topic to avoid overwhelming competition.
  3. Develop a business or marketing plan, something that will get you from A to your destination. Operating an online business is too difficult to simply feel your way. You will be operating in the blind, which will only lead to failure.
  4. Become an outstanding communicator of your message. You must deliver your message in an easy to understand manner through written or audio content. Write and speak clearly and conversationally.
  5. Be a contributor. Always be willing to lend a helping hand and contribute to the success of others. When others are successful they will reach out to you as well, so you are really helping yourself by helping them. This establishes valuable working relationships that that build a strong network of like-minded individuals.
  6. Maintain a presence everywhere. Your readers or followers are all over the internet, and you must have a presence in many places to gain wide exposure, drawing more and more readers to your blog. Establish outpost in all of the popular hangouts on the net and maintain them regularly. Only establish what you can reasonably maintain to avoid the appearance of outdated or abandoned profiles.
  7. Join a group. You will be using many social media sites and tools, so be sociable. The lone ranger approach can leave an impression of you being unapproachable or standoffish. Build a network of friends and associates, you will find the support and camaraderie to be invaluable.
  8. Be authentic when interacting with others. No one likes a phony and just because you are behind that monitor, do not make the mistake of thinking that people cannot pick up on those vibes. Admit to some mistakes and let others know that you are like them, less than perfect. The respect gained by being you cannot be substituted in any way.
  9. Always be positive. A positive attitude rubs off on others and makes the entire online experience what it should be. Sure, there will be times when someone brings negativity to the fore, but let them corner the market on that for themselves.

Bonus tip: Remain humble, no matter your level of success. Keep in mind that it will be your readers and followers who will make you a success and they should be rewarded for supporting your efforts.

Life online is no different than life offline, people are to be treated with respect and you will get what you give.

I enjoy blogging and all that it brings to my life. The large numbers of people I have met has made this year a very positive experience and I look forward to the continuance of the online lifestyle for many years to come.

Keep Blogging!