Looking Ahead – Blogging in 2010

Road to futureAs I look back upon this year of blogging, I can only be happy about the development and distance this blog has traveled toward blogging success.

Many accomplishments have been realized and just as important are the many friends and fellow bloggers that I have had the opportunity to network with, building some real relationships of value. This is a critical function of blogging, perhaps overlooked by some.

We are now heading into the final month of 2009, a time to look ahead and plan out the strategies for 2010, if you’ve not done so already. Yeah, this year was great but it is just about in the books now, so it’s time to look ahead.

One thing that I feel is of great importance going into the new year is to clear your slate of things that have been hanging around on your to-do list, or projects that have lingered for longer than they should have.

It is imperative that you get off to a good start, refreshed and stress free. You do not want to start the year off looking at last year’s task. Just the thought of it brings negative energy, because it represents a shortfall in execution. So you have one month to somehow clear away those nagging items or projects.

The key here is to free up your time to be productive, like working on your next product release. So here is what you need to do:

  • Get out of that “sole source” mentality and get some help.
  • Identify those things that are holding you back and delegate
  • Realize that delegation means you’ll have to spend some money
  • Weigh the cost of delegation against the cost of your time.
  • Commit to the investment and move on, looking toward 2010.

Let me expand upon those just a bit.

The “sole source” mentality

As a blogger and entrepreneur we often feel as though we have to wear all the hats and know how to do everything associated with the operation of our blogs. While this may be a good idea, to actually know what is involved with every aspect initially, the sooner you realize the value in reserving your time for what you do best, the more productive your operation will become.

Identify those things that are holding you back

We all have skill sets that make us who we are, but nobody is good at everything. When you look through your list of things that are not yet accomplished, you will most likely find these items to be things that you are 1, not good at doing or 2, just don’t like to do them anyway.

This had led to procrastination, which is why they remain on the list. Get them off of there and let someone else deal with them.

Take accounting and bookkeeping for instance. Who actually loves to do that? It sucks and you probably suck at doing it so hire someone who has the love for it. These types of tasks will not become any more user-friendly for you tomorrow or the day after. Get them out of your hair and move on.

Delegation means money

Unless you have a family member with the skills to do these task and is willing to do for them for nothing, be prepared to spend some money.

Realize that this is not money lost, but money invested. You are building a business are you not?

Weighing the cost of delegation

If having your books done cost you $100.00 and you are now free to finish off your next product that will bring you several thousand, are you really being smart about this? Do the math.

Commit to the investment

Again, you are “investing” in your business and thereby investing in yourself. Many people say you cannot make money blogging and they are right. You cannot make money blogging – or at anything else for that matter without some investment.

Those who are not willing to spend a little on their businesses are doomed to failure; it’s just a hard fact. Those who are unable to spend at this time need to somehow raise some money to move forward.

There is no need to go heavily into debt by lining the pockets of those credit card companies, but you need to find some means of capital to build your operation.


Having relieved yourself of the nagging things in your business life will have you so looking forward to the coming year and all of the excitement of being productive.

Taking the steps above will bring you that much closer to the day when you will want to delegate nearly everything, because you will be making so much money, it will no longer be an issue.

You will be just where you want to be, bumming around the beach writing a few articles daily and working on money making projects.

Whatever your dream business model, you get my point.

Now go get busy clearing those tasks from your vision, so you can clearly see into the future.

Keep blogging!

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8 thoughts on “Looking Ahead – Blogging in 2010

  1. Gordie Rogers

    With outsourcing things to India, the cost of delegation is much cheaper and to a much higher level than it’s ever been.
    .-= Gordie Rogers´s last blog ..When Productivity Meets Lifestyle Design. =-.

    Jimi Jones Reply:

    You’re right there, Gordie. This has had a devastating effect on the job market here in the U S as many were laid-off for economic reasons. Instead of paying say, $30 buck an hour here, they ship those jobs overseas for $18 per hour. Makes mathematical sense, but hurts a lot of families as these jobs dry up by the tens of thousands. This has been going on for quite some time.

    Domestically, I hope things get better on the outsourcing front, by keeping many of these jobs here on U S soil.
    .-= Jimi Jones´s last blog ..Looking Ahead – Blogging in 2010 =-.

  2. Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny

    I laugh at myself once I’ve finally let go of something I think I have to manage on my own. It’s a constant battle. I recently requested help with a technical issue that had me swimming out of my depth and wasting a lot of time. The trick is to realize sooner rather than later. Your post is an excellent “kick-in-the-pants”. Thx!
    .-= Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny´s last blog ..Meet Marcelle! She’s Not Bad, She’s Just Drawn That Way =-.

    Jimi Jones Reply:

    Thanks for visiting, Cheryl.

    As you might imagine, this post was written from experience. :-)
    I have certainly not been immune to this constant battle.
    .-= Jimi Jones´s last blog ..Looking Ahead – Blogging in 2010 =-.

  3. Ching Ya

    Hi Jimi,
    First visit and I’m enjoying what you’re offering here. Very thought provoking read and I’m definitely anticipating more in coming year. My goal before the year ends is to finish the pending work so I can look back not feeling any regrets (need to prepare myself once I’m back from vacation). ^^ Always easier said than done but your post does encourage me to really work on it. I wish you best in your blogging career, also a much better and prosperous year ahead!

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..Tweetsgiving: Spend Thanksgiving Differently On Social Media =-.

    Jimi Jones Reply:

    Welcome Ching,
    really happy to have you visit. Thanks so much for the good wishes and I too, wish you all the best of success in the coming year and beyond.

    See you around cyberspace. :-)
    .-= Jimi Jones´s last blog ..Just Mozying Along – Mozy Backup Review =-.

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