Overcoming Your Fear of Learning

FearWith today’s explosion in social media and internet usage I continue to hear so many voice their opinion that it is too hard for them or it’s just not something that they think they can handle. They start back-peddling right away as if something were going to explode if a mistake is made.

Some people genuinely have a fear of computers, to which I say, it’s the 21st century and you need to get involved and learn something. This condition is nothing more than human nature kicking in.

Remember your first bicycle ride (training wheels and all)? You were scared crazy. You fell off a time or two but before long it was “look Ma, no hands”.  Your first rollercoaster ride was probably filled with apprehension as well, until you returned safely to the starting point. Then you got right back in line for more.

Learning how to use social media tools, blog, program or any other computer related tasks is no different. Fear can be an overpowering thing if you allow it to be, but learning is something that you should have a burning desire for.

So how does one get past that initial wave of fear? Go back to your childhood where you started off taking little steps. These small steps bring a sense of accomplishment and a “I can do it” attitude.

No matter the task, it’s important to start slow and get something accomplished, then build upon that. Everyone has talent and the ability to learn something new. To get started do a little research on the subject and read up on how it’s done.

I remember when I began to learn how to program back in (ahem). Looking at the first few lessons was completely foreign and I wondered for a moment if I would be able to comprehend the subject matter. Then it dawned on me that all I was doing was learning a different language. This is why they call it code, which is nothing more than converting information into another language or form.

So to all the newbie bloggers and social media users, remember that all of those experts and gurus started at the same place that you are today. Also know that you will never know it all and that any and everything associated with computers is always evolving which means that you will always be learning. The important thing is to get started.

Whatever your interest, the time is now to get started and build that confidence. You will grow into what you envision if you pursue the practice of taking action.

Now go get started and the best of luck to you.

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One thought on “Overcoming Your Fear of Learning

  1. Gordie Rogers

    I am in someways a technophobe. However, I also realize the importance of overcome that fear. Once I learn something techie, I feel so much better. Now, I mainly fear php code. Have to work on that.

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